Facebook, Google, corporate suppression of Alternative Media
“One really important thing that happened last April was that the UN Special Rapporteur for Freedom of Expression, David Kaye, issued a report on this very subject, where he talked both about the danger of having governments involved in content moderation, because that will only go wrong, and the dangers of platforms doing it themselves in a way that is haphazard and unclear. And he, too, endorsed a set of voluntary practices that that mirror human rights conditions. So, that [is] where I think we need to go and that’s certainly where we’re putting our efforts into.”
David Greene, Senior Staff Attorney and the Civil Liberties Director at the Electronic Frontier Foundation


Facebook and Twitter just deleted hundreds of alternative media sites, and gave only vague explanation for it.

The Real News Network published this report about Facebook suppression of sites on October 18, 2018 https://therealnews.com/series/social-media-purge

In July 2017, World Socialist Website and Monthly Review reported on Google suppression of sites

Recently, the Indymedia Montreal 2016 Convergence Working Group published “Holding Out for Un-alienated Communication”. It should be more widely discussed on the left and is timely to read now in the wake of the new corporate action by Facebook.


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