Event Flier (please circulate).

Open House
at Groundwork Books

to Celebrate the May Day weekend.
Sat., May 2, 2015, Noon to Dusk
Refreshments, Music, Video

Groundwork Books is in the Student Center, UCSD, La Jolla, CA. UCSD parking is free weekends, except in spaces “reserved.” For more info call (858) 452-9625.

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Map 2

Sponsored by
UCSD Co-ops and Collectives Alumni

We are alumni and friends of:

The Print Co-op ● The Computer Co-op ● The Committee for World Democracy – Political Film Series ● The Lumumba-Zapata (Third) College General Assembly (1969-72) ● The child Daycare Parents’ Cooperative ● The Bike Co-op ● Groundwork Books Collective ● The Food Co-op ● The Torrey Farms Co-op ● The Recycling Co-op ● The Student Cooperative/Student Cooperative Union ● The Women’s Resource Center collective ● The Che Cafe Collective ● The General Store Co-op ● Alternative Visions Collective ● Voz Fronteriza ● The Indicator/Crazy Times/North Star/New Indicator Collective

and other groups (and we ask people to nominate the groups we need to reach out for)

Event Flier (please circulate).

May 1, 2006 in Los Angeles, CA

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