YIPPIE! Invasion of La Jolla, 1970

The year 2020 marks the 50th anniversary of the National Student Strike of May-June 1970, including the student strike and sit-ins at UCSD, and of the Yippie invasions of La Jolla and of Disneyland. New Indicator Collective is working on some video interviews of people who organized and participated in these actions. If you may like to be interviewed, please contact us at info@newindicator.org. 

National YIPPIE! Day at Disneyland, Aug 6 leaflet

5-29-70 Triton Times, YIPPIES Are Coming


Induction Notice, YIPPIE! Invasion of La Jolla

5-28-70 La Jolla Light Journal, Invasion

General Strike Meeting, circa 5-12-70

5-13-70 daily Strike Information Center bulletin



5-8-70 NEL Demonstration

5-12-70 Keep on Striking

5-12-70 Wondering what you can do to help end the war


5-29-70 Dean's Memo to Students and Faculty



5-29-70 College Plaza Commitee Memo to Students

5-31-70 San Diego Union report on invasion

6-2-70 San Diego Street Jouirnal, invasion report

circa 6-4-70 La Jolla Light report on YIPPIE Invasion

6-4-70 La Jolla Light editorial on YIPPIE Invasion



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